Invention Convention & Invention PD

I wanted to share an excellent opportunity that will allow the district, schools and educators to save funds – always an important factor! We have a free Professional Development Workshop this Saturday August 10th – it is being sponsored by the Henry Ford Museum of Innovation and Bright Young Minds Coalition. This will save the cost of training and the curriculum is free to use! It is a win-win for all for all of us! 

We have some spots open this Saturday for teachers or administrators to attend the Invention Convention Workshop. We have members of the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation and the Invention Convention Worldwide Program onsite and conducting PD. 

Lots of exciting things going on in Florida and much improved resources and support for our state program since The Henry Ford American Museum of Innovation has taken over Invention Convention Worldwide. I look forward to our program and impact growing this 2019-2020 School Year. 

Please share within your network this will allow other educators, schools and districts to save dollars and an opportunity to launch the school year off with a creative and inventive mindset!! 

Just to clarify: 

1. Attendance at the Invention Convention Professional Development Workshop if free! 

2. Curriculum is free and mapped to Florida and National Standards and can be completed in 6-10 weeks in school, after school or as a club! 

3. Every educator that attends on August 10th will have their school’s program registration fee waived for the 2019-2020 school year!! AND there is not an entrance fee for students to participate in regional or state competitions. 

This is good news for educators, schools and districts – and especially the students who will have an opportunity to participate in Invention Education and Invention Convention!! 

Invention Education Advantages 

  • allows students to utilize their STEM and STEAM skills in real world applications
  • develops 21st Century Skills 
  • inspires creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership success
  • promotes problem solving and critical thinking
  • Invention Convention Curriculum & Invention Conventions are an excellent compliment to existing Engineering, Robotics, STEM or STEAM programs as well as can be used as a stand alone curriculum 

Please write to with any questions. Reserve your seat now!!