Innovation World U.S. Alliance

Innovation World Alliance (IWA) is a coalition of organizations partnering to inspire, promote and celebrate innovation locally, nationally and globally.

Benefits of Membership:

  • All Alliance Members will be featured on the Innovation World (IW) site and be included in various, intermittent publications and/or posts and other IW opportunities.
  • Alliance Members have the opportunity for their student base to participate in the annual National Inventor Challenge,  the InventFuture.Global World Challenge as well as other challenges and competitions hosted, supported or recommended by Innovation World and/or other IW Alliance Members. 
  • Members are encouraged to share their programs, products and opportunities with the Alliance and therefore to all Alliance Members, furthering their mission, increasing their visibility and adding value to their organization by being part of the global collective.
  • Members are invited, as part of the collective, to guide the direction and narrative of the Alliance as it evolves and to collaborate in defining future events and opportunities.
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  • There is no cost to be a part of the Innovation World Alliance.

 APPLY TODAY.   Questions? Write to us.

Opportunities for Students and Innovation Programs Leaders

Innovation World Alliance Members