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Educational Materials


Hands-on Creative Play Meets STEAM Education – architectural modeling sets and project-based learning programs



Working closely with companies across the world, we find the best educational games and have the ability to recommend the right games for your schools, families or just something to pass the time on an afternoon.

Parallax cyber:bot with BBC micro:bit

Real robotics, electronics, Python programming, and cybersecurity for high schoolers


Launch! your entrepreneurial way of thinking!

Outta This World!

Maximize your creativity in a fun, challenging way!

ActivityBot 360°

Beginning robotics, circuits, and block-based programming for junior high and high schoolers

The GIANT Shop

Discover the most amazing tools for invention. Ages 5-12


AOKESI Remote Control Robot Building Blocks Kit Engineering (351 Pieces). Ages 7-12

STEM Science Experiment Kits(2 Kits). Ages 12 and up.