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Celeste Mulholland


Celeste Mulholland consults for the Institute where she is responsible for liaison, marketing, and member services. Born in Luanshya, Zambia, she went to school in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe then graduated from University of Natal (Durban) B A (Eng/Psych). Her career has included sound experience in teaching junior grades; and recruitment and training, where she ran her own staffing company for eons. She also has all-round experience in the hospitality sector, event management and marketing. She is a writer and is the editor for the container gardening site for Bella Online.

For the Institute of Inventors and Innovators, the inventor association in South Africa she arranges Pitch it to the Panel™ sessions; arranges and hosts Eureka!MEET and CLUBNight! for the virtual III Inventors Club, produces Eureka!NEWS, the monthly newsletter and writes articles/copy as required. Along with the webmaster she manages the website, is in regular liaison with IFIA (the International Federation of Inventors Associations); is responsible for Fund Raising and Sponsorship, promotes the III, supports the admin requirements of the Executive Committee; answers membership enquiries … in fact, all III admin falls across her desk, so if you are a creative person and need assistance, this would be a good place to start – send an email to

Most recently she has become directly involved with Invent Futures Global and the GIFT and hopes to establish a healthy Youth Inventors Programme in South Africa.

All of this activity has given her a healthy respect for inventors!