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Innovation World is proud to present the Innovation World Podcast Series, showcasing young innovators from around the world and organizations who inspire, support and encourage innovation. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Podcast Addict and more. LISTEN.

Interested in being a guest on the Innovation World Series Podcast? Write to:

More Innovation Podcasts

There are many great podcasts out their design by or for young innovators. Do you know a podcast series we should be showcasing? Write to

Check out the advice from industry experts, showcases and other events available on the UIA-TV podcast channel. Listen.

A peace/climate activist, youth leader, comedian, writer, entrepreneur, teacher, interviewer & actress, influencer and podcaster with a goal to empower people around her. An advocate for love, care and respect of all children on the planet. Ambassador for, Internationalchildren’s month, TORCH etc. Listen.

Tumble is a science podcast created to be enjoyed by the entire family. Hosted & produced by Lindsay Patterson (science journalist) & Marshall Escamilla (teacher). Listen.

Welcome to Brains On! We’re an award-winning science podcast for kids and curious adults from American Public Media. Listen.

Absolutely adorable, educational podcast starring 6-year-old Aaron (now 11). Short and sweet and a great way to entertain your own children or a classroom full of inquiring minds; with short bursts of science delivered with only as Aaron can. Listen.

Join our host Michael Unger as we uncover the passion behind great ideas, meet STEAM thought leaders and talk with young people working on inspiring innovations. Listen.