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Suzi Murphy

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Throughout my life, I have always had the desire to make things better. This knack for problem-solving started at a young age and came quite naturally. As I think back to those formative years, I find myself intrigued by the singular potency of curiosity and creativity that children seem to have that don’t always stay with them as they grow into adults. Their perspectives on the world is fascinating and cultivating their ideas is something I want to encourage. I want to bring more entrepreneurial experiences to kids around the world and I look forward to continuing to work with kids to help them tap into that sense of wonder and exploration.

I have held many roles as a Registered Nurse (Neonatal, Case Manager, and Legal Nurse Consultant), Director of National Accounts for a pharmacy company, and currently a Product Developer. For the past several years have worked as a Product Developer, licensing products and learning a lot about what it takes to bring products to market. I enjoy sharing my knowledge (through coaching and mentorship) to help others solve problems and avoid roadblocks they may encounter. I look forward to continuing to work with kids to help them with their entrepreneurial journey.

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