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Gallery of Innovators

Congratulations to the students who participate in these featured innovation competitions and challenges.  The world celebrates you!


water challenge-7
water challenge-9

InventFuture.Global 3 event 2021 Global Water Challenge:

Session 1 – January 30. Problem Identification and Sharing
Students will discuss and choose a specific problem that relates to the theme. They will then share with the group how that problem effects their country and learn how that same problem impacts other people around the world in different ways and degrees.

Session 2 – February 27. Brainstorming and SCAMPER
Student Meeting · Collaboration Session – Students will brainstorm together to generate ideas about how to address the same issue, but from different directions according to the needs and conditions of their country. Students will then identify new or existing devices that might be of some help in addressing the issues and do SCAMPER activities to make them even better and more effective.

Session 3 – March 20. Idea Pitch
Challenge Session – Students will need to have created or designed an invention or prototype to participate in this session. In this session, students will present and explain their whole invention process to their age section group.

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Teach MiRo Post Card 2
Finale to MiRo

Teach Miro K-12 GIFT Challenge. 

Students from 9 countries participated in the Teach Miro K-12 GIFT Challenge. Innovators were challenged to use the MiRo simulator to combine current and new skills and actions to solve a problem(s) that impacts others. The top 5 ideas were recognized at the October Global Innovation Field Trip and each received 400 additional hours of coding on the MiRo platform. The top innovator also won their very own MiRo robot from Consequential Robotics!  Congratulations to all participants!

Thank you Consequential Robotics and Sebastian Conrad for your generosity and for this one of a kind challenge.

Watch Sebastian Conrad’s introduction to the challenge. 

Watch the Teach MiRo K-12 GIFT Challenge Finale (find out who won!).

January Global Innovation Field Trip welcomes the 2020 winners of the People of Play – Young Inventor Challenge. 

Jazmine Darden (with Cooper Dean) from People of Play with special guest Nick Metzler and winners of the 2021 Young Inventors Challenge: Joey Kostelnik and Dominick Rhodes | Jacob Freeman | Katherine Timm | Vivienne Gallovitch | Victoria Skwarek | Antonio Bañuelas | Ellie Lawrence | The Bagel Club | Noah Berg and Calder Kite

Congratulations to all of the young inventors who participated!

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InventFuture.Global 2020 Global Summer Challenge included 3 challenges:

Idea Challenge – Students presented a problem that impacted their world and pitched their solutions with students innovators from different countries.

Inventor Talk – Innovators shared their favorite invention to peers across the globe via a short 6 slide presentation and talked about how the invention influenced or impacted lives.

Invention Convention – Student Innovators showcased their own invention, taking questions and comments from judges and students from around the world.

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ready-set-innovate 2.4.20

The Ready, Set, Innovate Challenge was Innovation World’s inaugural K-12 national inventor competition. 

Eligible students from all across the United States shared their story of invention. Top innovators received an opportunity to appear as a guest on the Innovation World Podcast Series, cash prizes and other “next step” prizes or consultations with industry experts.

Congratulations to all participants!

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