Global Innovation Field Trip

Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT) Presenter Schedule July 9/10. Check out the July 2020 GIFT Presenters below:

Abdullah Mubarak – USA.mp4
Aislinn Dressler – Canada.mp4
Alex Robb – USA.mp4
Andres Pineda Alanis – Mexico.mp4
Annalese Roach – USA.mp4
Arturo Méndez – Part1 – Mexico.mp4
Arturo Méndez – Part2 – Mexico.mp4
Arushi Nath – Canada.mp4
Barry Azzurro Yoel Bangun – Indonesia.mp4
Benedict Soterios Tanuwidjaja – Indonesia.mp4
Brian Fried – USA.mp4
Can Ozturk and Avichal Sood – Dubai.mp4
Claire Evans and Guillaume Serandour – Chile.mp4
Corinna Arden Sho – Indonesia.mp4
Daniel Armando Di Guglielmo – Mexico.mp4
Darren Willson Susanto – Indonesia.mp4
Desi Rut Suryani Situmorang and Intan Puri Rahayu – Indonesia.mp4
Discovery STEM Education team – UK.mp4
Dr. Drizzle on STEM Challenge 1.mp4
Dr. Drizzle’s On-Demand STEM Challenge Number 2.mp4
Elsa Yliana Iruegas – Mexico.mp4
Emilio Garcia Rabel – Mexico.mp4
Erin Schachter – Canada.mp4
Gilberto Pineda – Mexico.mp4
Hadi Thabet and Adam El Rafey – Dubai.mp4
Han Zhuo – China.mp4
Hassan Ahmad – Canada.mp4
Hongyu Zheng – China.mp4
IFG Summer Challenge.mp4
Jacqui Schlesinger – USA.mp4
Jeremy Braithwaite – Canada.mp4
Jian Qiao Xu – China.mp4
Jianna Nichols – USA.mp4
Juqi Che and Huasheng Chen – China.mp4
Karla Ivonne Flores Cisneros – Mexico.mp4
Kathy Dong – Canada.mp4
Kaustav Mohanty – USA.mp4
Kevin Wei – China.mp4
Kovalenko Veronika – Nikita Bychkow – Zacharchenko Nikita – Puzdranovskyi Evhenii – Ukraine.mp4
Leslie Lie – Indonesia.mp4
Lilah Yeager – USA.mp4
Lily Zezula – USA.mp4
Liza Stephanie and Priscillia Chiuno Japfry – Indonesia.mp4
Lord Christus Boateng – Ghana.mp4
Maaria Nawaz – Rayhann Nawaz – Dr Melissa Butt – UK.mp4
Niles Arthur Jackson – USA.mp4
Nirbhuy Arun – USA.mp4
Norbert Banyi – Canada.mp4
Oscar Mora Cantoral and Student Innovators- Mexico.mp4
Paul Smith-Keitley – UK.mp4
Rocco James – UK.mp4
Rooselvet Hernández Garcia – Mexico.mp4
Sahyannika Das – Indonesia.mp4
Shoshawna Blair – Canada.mp4
Sophie Zezula – USA.mp4
Srimayi Vinod – Dubai.mp4
Stephen Michael Kangsantoso – Indonesia.mp4
Tim Hotchkiss – USA.mp4
Vera Wilder – USA.mp4
Wanli Liu and Hong Qiang – China.mp4
We say Farewill to Jim Bruner and welcome Co-Hosts Erin and Debra.mp4
Yuanyuan Cai – China.mp4

Global Innovation Field Trip
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