Teach MiRo K-12 GIFT Challenge

What can you Teach MiRo?


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MiRo is a fully programmable autonomous robot for researchers, educators, developers and healthcare professionals. With six senses, eight degrees of freedom, an innovative brain-inspired operating system and a simulation software package, MiRo is a flexible platform suited for developing companion robots.

The future social robots will share our personal space, interact with us and with each other to provide emotional engagement and entertainment. MiRo is based on the simple premise that animals have qualities that are desirable in today’s social robots. They are robust, adaptable and good at communicating their feelings. Our approach is to build robots that think and operate very much like animals; from their senses and decision-making processes, all the way through to their bodies and behaviours. This makes MiRo particularly suited to robot-human interaction and robot-robot team interaction.

Developed to be exceptionally emotionally engaging by an international team led by the award-winning Sebastian Conran Design Studio, and experts in biomimetic and ‘brain-based’ robots, Professor Tony Prescott and Dr Ben Mitchinson from the University of Sheffield, MiRo aims to accelerate research on next generation animal-like robot companions.

The MiRo and GIFT teams are excited to engage young innovators in the further development of MiRo through the Teach MiRo K-12 GIFT Challenge!

Everything you need to know:

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