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Great Dates

September – Innovation World Observes: National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September 2 World Coconut Day

September 3 National Skyscraper Day

September 4 National Wildlife Day

September 5 International Day of Charity

September 6 National Read a Book Day

September 8 International Literacy Day

September 10 World Suicide Prevention Day

September 12 National Video Game Day

September 13 National Celiac Disease Awareness Day

September 16 International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

September 18 National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day

September 21 International Day of Peace

September 22 National Elephant Appreciation Day

September 23 International Day of Sign Languages

September 26 International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

September 28 World Rabies Day

September 28 International Day for Universal Access to Information

September 29 World Heart Day

September 30 International Podcast Day

September 30 International Translation Day

January 2020- Innovation World Observes: National Mentoring Month

January 2  National Science Fiction Day…is the birthday of science fiction writer Isaac Asimov. Science fiction fans “unofficially” celebrate Science Fiction Day on this day.

January 4  World Braille Day…Louis Braille’s birthday. The inventor of braille! Louis was born in 1809 in France and became blind after a childhood accident.  When Louise was only 15 years old, he created a reading and writing system based on Charles Barbier’s night writing system, which he named after himself.

January 12  National Youth Day

January 13  National Gluten-Free Day…Peter Gibson, a professor of gastroenterology at Monash University in Australia, published a study in 2011 that said gluten proteins cause related distress in the digestive system even in those people who haven’t been diagnosed with celiac disease — the condition that causes an immune response in the small intestine when gluten is present.

January 13  National Rubber Ducky Day

January 17  Kid Inventor Day…is held on the birthday of Benjamin Franklin, who invented the first swim flippers almost 300 years ago at age 12! This day acknowledges the past and present accomplishments of kid inventors and encourage the creativity of future kid inventors

January 24  International Day of Education –

Education is a human right, a public good and a public responsibility.

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 24 January as International Day of Education, in celebration of the role of education for peace and development.

Without inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong opportunities for all, countries will not succeed in achieving gender equality and breaking the cycle of poverty that is leaving millions of children, youth and adults behind.

Today, 258 million children and youth still do not attend school; 617 million children and adolescents cannot read and do basic math; less than 40% of girls in sub-Saharan Africa complete lower secondary school and some four million children and youth refugees are out of school. Their right to education is being violated and it is unacceptable.

-United Nations

January 24  National Peanut Butter Day

National Peanut Butter Day on January 24th recognizes an American staple in our pantries. Whether creamy or chunky, with chocolate or with jelly, peanut butter gets the recognition it deserves each year on this day. 

The early peanut butter made by the Aztecs and Incas around 1000 BC was more of a paste and not nearly as creamy as the peanut butter we know now.

Peanut butter didn’t become widely used until the 20th century. First, the peanut had to be considered more than animal feed, which was until the late 1800s. At the turn of the century, inventions that made planting, cultivating and harvesting the legume (the peanut isn’t a nut at all) made it possible to see the peanut as a retail and wholesale food item.

Courtesy – 

January 28  National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day…Two engineers, Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding, created the first bubble wrap and originally tried to sell it as wallpaper — an idea that didn’t seem to catch on. They also later attempted to market it as greenhouse insulation.  So then how did this bubble-licious holiday begin? A radio station once inadvertently unwrapped microphones on the air and listeners loved it! 

January 28  National Kazoo Day

January 31  National Hot Chocolate Day

February 2020 – Innovation World Observes: Black History Month

February 1 National Bubble Gum Day

February 2 Groundhog Day

February 2 National Tater Tot Day – These bite-sized bits of golden created the scraps from making French fries once were used to feed cattle. But how do the cast-offs from making French fries become the bite-sized, kitchen-friendly morsels we love to devour today? Through persistence and ingenuity.
Two brothers, Nephi and Golden Grigg, along with their brother-in-law started dabbling in frozen food when they rented a plant on the Oregon and Idaho borders in 1934. By 1952, they purchased the plant, forming the Oregon Frozen Foods Company that would later become Ore-Ida. Courtesy –

February 2 National Ukulele Day – The ukulele is a four-stringed instrument that has its origins in Portugal, but was adapted by Hawaiians in the 19th Century. Its size can vary, with the larger instruments producing deeper tones. The ukulele became particularly popular in Hawaii during the reign of King Kalākaua, who incorporated the instrument into performances at official state gatherings. It was later used in recordings by artists such as Bing Crosby and Elvis Presley. On February 2, ukulele players from around the country will strum their favorite tunes to celebrate. Courtesy –

February 3 National Women Physicians Day

February 4 World Cancer Day – World Cancer Day aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about cancer, and pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action against the disease. More…

February 5 National Weatherperson’s Day

February 8 National Kite-Flying Day

February 9 National Pizza Day

February 10 National Umbrella Day

February 11 – International Day of Women and Girls in Science – “Women and girls represent half of the world’s population and, therefore, also half of its potential. Gender equality, besides being a fundamental human right, is essential to achieve peaceful societies, with full human potential and sustainable development.”
Courtesy of the United Nations (

February 11 National Inventors’ Day

February 11 – Join us in celebrating National Inventors’ Day, a day to honor inventors of the past, the creators of the present and encouraging the architects of the future.  #NationalInventorsDay  #InventorsSolveProblems #InnovationWorld #InventorsLaunchpad #UnitedInventorsAssociation #DoWhatYouLove #LoveWhatYouDo

February 13 World Radio Day

February 14 National Donor Day

February 17 – 23 National Engineers Week – Founded by the National Society of Professional Engineers in 1951, EWeek is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers. More Info

February 24 National Tortilla Chip Day

February 27 International Polar Bear Day

March – Innovation World Observes: Women’s History Month & Youth Art Month

March 2 National Read Across America Day

March 3 World Wildlife Day will be celebrated in 2020 under the theme “Sustaining all life on Earth”, encompassing all wild animal and plant species as key components of the world’s biodiversity. This aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals 1, 12, 14 and 15, and their wide-ranging commitments on alleviating poverty, ensuring sustainable use of resources, and on conserving life both on land and below water to halt biodiversity loss. For more information visit:

#WorldWildlifeDay #UNGeneralAssembly #SustainingAllLifeOnEarth

March 6 National Dentist’s Day

March 6 National Frozen Food Day

March 6 National Oreo Cookie Day

March 7 National Cereal Day

March 8 International Women’s Day

March 10 National Landline Telephone Day

March 14 National Pi Day

March 16 National Corn Dog Day

March 18 National Biodiesel Day

March 21 International Day of Forests

March 22 World Water Day

Today, 1 in 3 people live without safe drinking water. By 2050, up to 5.7 billion people could be living in areas where water is scarce for at least one month a year.

For more information:

March 23 World Meteorological Day – takes place every year on 23 March and commemorates the coming into force on 23 March 1950 of the Convention establishing the World Meteorological Organization. It showcases the essential contribution of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services to the safety and wellbeing of society and is celebrated with activities around the world.  The themes chosen for World Meteorological Day reflect topical weather, climate or water-related issues. For more info visit:

March 24 World Tuberculosis Day

March 25 International Waffle Day

March 26 International Spinach Day

March 29 National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

March 30 National Doctors’ Day

April – Innovation World Observes: Mathematics Awareness Month & National Volunteer Month

April 2 World Autism Awareness Day

April 3 National Find a Rainbow Day

April 7 World Health Day

April 12 National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

April 13 National Scrabble Day

April 19 National Garlic Day

April 21 World Creativity and Innovation Day

April 22 International Mother Earth Day/Earth Day

April 22 National Jelly Bean Day

April 23 World Book Day

April 26 World Malaria Day

April 26 World Intellectual Property Day –

Every April 26, we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day to learn about the role that intellectual property (IP) rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity.

World IP Day 2020 puts innovation – and the IP rights that support it – at the heart of efforts to create a green future. Why? Because the choices we make today will shape our tomorrow. The earth is our home. We need to care for it.  Learn more

April 26 National Pretzel Day

April 28 National Superhero Day

May – Innovation World Observes: National Inventors Month

May 4 Star Wars Day

May 6 National Nurses Day

May 7 National Teacher Day

May 15 National Chocolate Chip Day

May 17 World Telecommunications and Information Society Day

May 19 National Endangered Species Day

May 20 World Bee Day

May 22 International Day for Biological Diversity

May 23 National Taffy Day

May 24 National Sunscreen Day

May 26 National Paper Airplane Day

May 29 Learn about Composting Day

May 31 World No Tobacco Day

June – Innovation World Observes: National Safety Month

June 1 National Olive Day

June 3 National Egg Day

June 3 World Bicycle Day

June 5 Global Running Day

June 5 World Environment Day

June 6 National Eyewear Day

June 6 National Yo-Yo Day

June 7 National Donut Day

June 7 World Food Safety Day

June 8 World Oceans Day – Our ocean is our future – When we think of public health risks, we may not think of the ocean. Increasingly, however, the health of the ocean is intimately tied to our health. Some may be surprised to read that organisms discovered at extreme depths are used to speed up the detection of COVID-19, and probably even more to learn that, it is the environment that could give a solution to humankind.

This is one of the multiple reasons why we should celebrate World Oceans Day: to remind everyone of the major role the oceans have in everyday life. They are the lungs of our planet, providing most of the oxygen we breathe. The purpose of the Day is to inform the public of the impact of human actions on the ocean, develop a worldwide movement of citizens for the ocean, and mobilize and unite the world’s population on a project for the sustainable management of the world’s oceans. They are a major source of food and medicine and a critical part of the biosphere. In the end, it is a day to celebrate together the beauty, the wealth and the promise of the ocean. More info:

June 9 National Donald Duck Day

June 13 National Sewing Machine Day

June 14 World Blood Donor Day

June 16 International Day of the African Child

June 17 World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

June 17 National Eat Your Vegetables Day

June 18 Sustainable Gastronomy Day

June 18 National Go Fishing Dan

June 20 World Refugee Day

June 21 World Day of Music

June 22 National Onion Ring Day

June 27 National Sunglasses Day

June 29 National Camera Day

June 30 International Asteroid Day

June 30 World Social Media Day


July –  Innovation World Observes: Independent Retailer Month

July 2 World UFO Day

July 3 National Stay Out of the Sun Day

July 6 International Day of Cooperatives

July 8 National Video Game Day

July 11 World Population Day

July 13 National French Fry Day

July 14 National Mac and Cheese Day

July 15 World Youth Skills Day

July 15 National Give Something Away Day

July 18 World Listening Day

July 20 National Moon Day

July 20 National Lollipop Day

July 24 National Drive-Thru Day

July 28 World Hepatitis Day

July 30 International Day of Friendship

August – Innovation World Observes: International Peace Month

August 2 National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

August 3 National Mustard Day

August 7 National Lighthouse Day

August 9 National Book Lovers Day

August 9 National Women’s Day

August 10 National Bowling Day

August 11 Mountain Day

August 12 International Youth Day

August 13 International Lefthanders Day

August 15 Chant at the Moon Day

August 16 National Roller Coaster Day

August 19 World Humanitarian Day

August 20 National Lemonade Day

August 20 National Radio Day

August 29 International Day against Nuclear Tests