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Marvi Khan


Compassionate to Contribute!

With over 16 years of successful experience in teaching diverse groups of learners, selected as one of 21 exceptional educators into the 2022 class and awarded with a title of ‘ASCD Emerging Leader 2022’, she is currently doing MBA from European Business School of Barcelona.

A certified Academic and Corporate Mentor, her varied work experiences include; introducing and implementing technology oriented academic solutions, Ed-Tech business development, faculty capacity building and interaction with esteemed professionals, education entities, major stakeholders and policy makers far and wide in country.

Her contributions include

Neuro Science based subject and skill specific Training
Sessions for Teachers/Parents and Corporate Professionals catering cognitive, emotional and Social domains.
Curriculum development and implementation. Planning, leading and moderating educational events. She is also hosting TED Circles since January 2020.

A strong advocate of innovation and entrepreneur education, she actively engages in possibilities to create opportunities and support learners to utilize their potential.