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Teach MiRo K-12 GIFT Challenge

Answers to your General Questions

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About This Challenge

Q. What is the mission of this challenge?

A. To excite and inspire young people to learn problem solving through MiRo AI coding.

Q. Who is running this challenge?

A. Innovation World through their Global Innovation Field Trip is facilitating this challenge with assistance from Consequential Robotics, ltd. (CqR) and Discovery STEM Education.

Q. Who is eligible to participate in the challenge?

A. Any student who is in grades K-12 (Kindergarten through high school – or home-school equivalent) in this current school year and who has access to the internet and a smart device is welcome to participate in the challenge.

Q. What is involved in participating?

A. Participation Involves:

  • Registration Form Part 1 must be completed and all subsequent emails from must be responded to.
  • Students will create code using the MiRo platform to teach MiRo something new and test the code through the available online simulator.
  • Students will create a short video showing their code in action (as depicted by the MiRo avatar in the online simulator) and sharing the problem they taught MiRo to assist with (information will be provided with instruction on how to make a video on your computer of the MiRo avatar in action).
  • Registration Form Part 2 must be completed in full by the deadline of September 30, 2020, 12:00 Midnight (24:00 GMT/UTC).

 Q. Are teams permitted?

A. Entries can be submitted by individual innovators or teams of no more than 3 students. Students may compete only once, as an individual or as part of a team, but not as both.

Registration Questions

Q. When can we register to participate and when does registration close?

A. Registration opens September 1, 2020 at 12:00 Midnight (24:00 GMT/UTC) and closes September 30, 2020 at 12:00 Midnight (24:00 GMT/UTC).

Q. Who completes the online registration forms?

A. A parent or guardian is required to complete the online registration form for their student(s).

Q. What are the registration requirements for teammates?

A. Registration Requirements:

  • One parent will register their own student and their student’s teammates. In order to complete the registration, they will need the teammate’s name and grade, the teammates parent name, email address and telephone number.
  • Parents of teammates will be sent post-Registration Part 1 email requiring their response and attesting to their agreement with the “Official Rules” for their own student(s) to be eligible to participate. Responses not returned and/or not in agreement with the challenge rules will render the individual student ineligible to participate.

Q. What needs to be included in the video entrants will submit as part of Registration Part 2?

A. The video must be no longer than 3 minutes, and must include:

  • The problem they solved.
  • Who the problem impacts.
  • How they solved the problem (What they taught MiRo).
  • Demonstrates their coding at work [insert video link instructions].
  • Video Guidance.

Working through the challenge questions

Q. Where can we learn about the code that already exists and how to write code of our own?

A. There are a lot of helpful links available by visiting:

Q. Who do we contact if we are having difficulty on the MiRo platform?

A. Please direct any/all questions to and we will make sure to connect you to the best team to assist you.

Q. Who owns the code students create through this challenge?

A. Ownership of Code:

  • The student or student team own the original code the create through the challenge on the MiRo platform.
  • CqR, GIFT, their affiliates, sponsors, and partner organizations have no rights, privileges, or interest in owning the code produced and submitted by students as part of the Teach MiRo K-12. Challenge Program.
  • However, CqR, GIFT, their affiliates, sponsors and partner organizations have full permission to share the participant basic information, images and videos demonstrating “what they taught MiRo,” via their social media channels, websites, on programs, podcasts, and during interviews.

Judging & Award Questions

Q. Who will be judging the challenge?

A. GIFT’s distinguished global panel of experienced judges will evaluate the entries and select the finalists and top winner.

Q. What is the judging criteria?

A. Entries will be judged on Originality, Excitement, Effectiveness and Efficiency.

  • Originality and Excitement – How unique and original is the theme of what MiRo is doing? Parts of what MiRo is doing and the computer coding to do it can be commonly used and done, but what is exciting and different about this behavior and what MiRo does to address it.
  • Effectiveness – Since MiRo is a companion Robot, whatever MiRo does is with human beings or animals. How well and effectively will MiRo be interacting with them. Will they find MiRo’s actions interesting and helpful?
  • Efficiency – Are MiRo’s actions directed to addressing the issue quickly and efficiently or are there wasted and unnecessary movements and coding?

Q. How will winners be selected?

A. The judges will select the winners based on the Judging Criteria.

Q. Who is providing the awards?

A. Consequential Robotics, ltd. (CqR) has generously offered the awards for this challenge.

Q. What do the winners receive?

A. Prizes:

  • Every registered person or team will get 20 free MiRo coding hours (Approx. Value: £9 [~$12])
  • Four Runners-up will get 500 free MiRo coding hours (Approx. Value: £225 [~$300])
  • One Winner will get 500 free MiRo coding hours plus one free MiRo-E Robot (Approx. Value: £225 + £2,450 = £2,675 [~$3,500)

Q. How will finalists and top winner be announced?

A. The top five finalists will be notified that they are a finalist on or before October 8, 2020, via an email from The five finalists will be invited to participate in the online Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT) of October 11, 2020, at which time their coding will be demonstrated for the GIFT audience. At this time all prizes, including Grand Prize winner will be announced.

Q. What if I am a runner-up and I am unable to attend the Global Innovation Field Trip on October 11?

A. If you can not participate in the Global Innovation Field Trip on October 11, you will miss your opportunity to explain to the world what you have done, but you will NOT be eliminated as a potential Grand Prize winner.

Q. If I am not one of the semi-finalists, do I still get something?

A. Everyone who entered the challenge by submitting an entry video will get a Certificate of Achievement from GIFT/CqR. This certificate will be emailed to them.  Additionally, the list of everyone who entered the challenge by submitting an entry video will have their name listed on the Innovation World website Wall of Fame as well as Discovery STEM Education’s website.

Q. Where will the MiRo be delivered for the top entry?

A. CqR will mail the MiRo to the address reflected on the Registration Part 1 form.