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Answers to your Technical Questions

Do you have a questions we’ve not answered? Write to:

Q. What computer platform can be used?

A. Because the Miro programming is done on the Cloud (MiRoCloud), any computer or tablet system with updated OS that can access the internet will work.

Q. What internet browser will work?

A. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox. Both Safari and Explorer have some issues that will make using them difficult.

Q. How can we record a video of our MiRoCode working so that we can send it to you?

A. Video Guidance.

Q. How can we log on the MiRoCode screen?

A. Please see this document for more information about logging one and then what the various screen buttons do: MiRo Log In Guide.

Q. What should we do if we have an issue in running the MiRoCode and MiRoCloud?

A. If you are having a problem in running your MiRoCode program, that is YOUR problem to solve, because this is, after all, a programming challenge. But if you have any problems with operating the MiroCode and the functioning of the MiRoCloud, please send and email to and provide the following information:

  • Computer manufacturer/Brand
  • Model name
  • Serial number (If possible)
  • Year the device was released (If possible)
  • OS used
  • Browser used
  • Detailed description of the issue, what happened and when it happened. 
  • Screen shot of the issue (If possible)

Q. What does the message in the upper right of the MiRoCode screen mean?

A. It is the automatic timeout on the session and it will reset to 15 minutes any time you do anything. It will turn off the session after 15 minutes of inactivity so that you do not waste your coding time allotment.

Q. Is there any way to “Save” as opposed to doing a “Save As” every time?

A. No, right now there is no “save” function and you will have to give the program a slightly different name every time you save a new version. Examples:  Brilliant1, Brilliant2, Brilliant3, etc.

Q. What are the technical electronic and mechanical details of MiRo?

A. It is ABSOLUTELY NOT NECESSARY for you to use or understand any of these technical details, but for those people who do love the tech specs, here they are. Enjoy!  Tech Spec1, Tech Spec2, Tech Spec3