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Having started the company as a project of passion, Nigel has dedicated the last 15 years to working with children of all ages and abilities and is using traditional style games to engage, enthuse and excite all learners, irrespective of ability. Being a child that struggled with some aspects of schooling, games changed his life and from around the age of 12 used all sorts of games to give him the direction and means of developing his creativity and curriculum based skills. Working with over 70,000 children directly the other year, he has seen the profound effect this type of learning can do and how it can improve outcomes across the board and as the company grows so does their target audience. Working hard to increase parent engagement and working closely with games designers to give them the benefit of his experience, Imagination Gaming now run their own games awards, activities for families across the summer holidays and are reaching out to other countries with franchise opportunities. Their long term aim is to work closely with government to establish a games based curriculum to improve retention of information and thorough application of what is being learned in class. Always happy to talk and discuss his work he looks forward to opportunities to do just that.

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