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United Inventors Association

Innovation World and United Inventors Association align to inspire, promote and celebrate local, national and global innovation.

Empowering Inventors Through Education, Access & Advocacy – The United Inventors Association of the United States of America (UIA) is a 501c3 non-profit educational organization dedicated to providing resources to the inventing community, while encouraging honest and ethical business practices among industry service providers.

UIA, the largest inventor association in the world has teamed up with Innovation World and their Alliance Members to support and inspire youth innovation around the globe.  Watch for great things to happen between these two innovative organizations! 

A Letter from the UIA’s President:

Exposure to the inner workings of a given discipline, especially at a young age, is key to developing an enduring interest. Whether sports, music, art, drama or the sciences, introducing young people to these disciplines early cultivates the sort of enthusiasm that often lasts a lifetime. Innovation is no different. And, with entrepreneurship increasingly tied to innovation, there’s a case to be made that our economy’s future rests on cultivating the spirit of innovation in today’s youth. The United Inventors Association is fully committed to this belief, and is thrilled to partner with Innovation World to advance the view that everyone can be a creator, inventor and innovator – especially young people. 

Carmine Denisco, President United Inventors Association
United Inventors Association Empowering Inventors through Education, Access & Advocacy (

Below are just a few of the innovators and industry leaders who contribute to the UIA missions
and act as advisors to the UIA member community. 

warren tuttle
Warren Tuttle

Warren Tuttle heads up the open innovation programs for Lifetime Brands, the world’s largest manufacturer of kitchen utensils and a major supplier of food prep and table top products to America’s major retailers.  He is also heads up open innovation programs for Merchant Media a market leader in Direct Response Television. Learn more.

Andrea Hence-Evans

Andrea Hence Evans, Esq. is a member of the Texas bar, a registered Patent Attorney, and a member of the US Supreme Court Bar. The Law Firm of Andrea Hence Evans represents independent inventors, entrepreneurs, small, medium, and Fortune 100 clients in multiple states and multiple countries with patent, trademark and copyright issues. Learn more.

Carmine Denisco

Carmine Denisco is President of the United Inventors Association, the largest non-profit organization of independent inventors in the world. He has designed, developed and manufactured many products sold in retail stores, TV shopping channels, online and infomercials some have gone on to be licensed by major chain stores. Learn more.

Matt Nuccio

Matt Nuccio is the owner of Design Edge, a toy and game development, marketing, manufacturing, inventing and consulting agency. For over 30 years, Design Edge has been a leading development agency in the toys and games industry. Learn more.

Sandy Cleary

Sandy Cleary is a rocket-scientist-turned-entrepreneur who turned her passion for cruising into a $135+ million-dollar business and later sold to a $24 billion-dollar travel powerhouse. In 2017, Sandy founded SLC Group Holdings, a leading investment and growth funding for start ups and small businesses. Learn more.


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To meet the entire Board of Directors visit: Meet Our Team